Vale Counseling

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Making an Appointment

What to Expect

While on the phone with our office administrator, you will be asked to share personal information so that we can guarantee you receive the best care moving forward. If you are choosing to use insurance, our administrator will take down your insurance information, and a counselor will verify your benefits before your first session. If you choose not to use insurance, you will not be limited and can choose any of our therapists. Many of whom are experts in their specialties and offer a variety of sessions days and times. Currently we have three counselors on staff who offer counseling sessions covered by insurance for your convenience.

Upon scheduling a first appointment we will either email you a copy of paperwork to fill out ahead of time and bring to your first session or you will be asked to arrive early to your session to fill out intake forms. These forms help us get vital information ahead of time while allowing your therapist to focus on you during sessions. We also use this information to gather contact information, previous experiences with therapy and create a baseline for qualitative analysis. We want you to feel like your counseling is impacting you in a positive way, so we gather specific information along the way to determine progress.