Vale Counseling

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First Appointment

What to expect

At your first appointment you can expect to be greeted by our office staff and then by your therapist. Each therapist has their own preferences for the introductory session, or intake session. But the following information will be covered in some form or fashion:

  • discussion of limits to confidentiality (also called informed consent),
  • gathering history of presenting problem which likely includes family, medical and legal history.
  • discussion of goals and objectives for counseling. This is to make sure counseling is a good fit for client’s current needs.
  • a follow up plan for future sessions.
  • cost of counseling (if it has not been previously determined.)
  • authorization for contacting doctors, social workers, probation officers or others for continuity of care.
  • referral for additional support.

Initial sessions generally run between 45-90 minutes depending on the counselor, the issues, and whether or not insurance is involved. If you feel that 45 minutes is not enough time, at the time you schedule your appointment you can request an extended initial appointment for an extra fee.