Professional Counseling & Therapeutic Center


What is Counseling

As counselors and therapists we aim to assist clients through the therapeutic relationship through often using a combination of mental health and human development principles, methods, and techniques, including the use of psychotherapy, to achieve the mental, emotional, physical, educational, spiritual, or career-related development and adjustment of the client throughout the client’s life.


The Vale Counseling Center is committed to treating all patients professionally and with respect through the long or short term relationship of the client and therapist.

Individual Counseling

  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Child Analysis and Play Therapy
  • Counseling for Children and Teens
  • Personality Testing
  • Behavioral Testing
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • Spiritual Issues
  • Sexual Issues
  • ADD
  • Mood Disorders
  • Divorce Recovery
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Support and Process Groups

  • Boundaries
  • Marriage Upgrade
  • Divorce Care – Adults and Children
  • Grief Group
  • Recovery Group
  • Pathways

Often Christians are so determined to live lives defined by selflessness and love that they ignore their own limitation and end up depressed, angry, or in need of care. The Boundaries group is for anyone who feels overwhelmed, out of control, taken advantage of, exhausted and overrun. Learning the skill of creating healthy boundaries in life and relationships is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle and spiritual walk. Using “Boundaries” by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, participants will learn “when to say yes, how to say no, to take control of your life.”

Marriage Upgrade

Every marriage has room for improvement. No matter what stage of life and marriage you are in, Marriage upgrade offers tools to create deeper intimacy and a stronger relationship with your spouse. Each week couples will have group discussions over topical presentations and personal testimonies. The group is open to couples who are struggling to stay together and those who want to move their relationship from good to great.

Divorce Care

This group is for individuals who are separated, divorcing or divorced. Divorce Care helps group members apply biblical principles as they heal from the hurt of separation and divorce. Through testimonies, videos, and using the workbook, participants see how the gospel brings hope and restoration. Attendees will also gain practical skills for navigating this new season of life.

Grief Group

The Grief Group offers a safe place for those in need of support and encouragement in the midst of sharing about personal loss. Help is available for anyone grieving a significant loss, anticipating a significant loss, or those caring for a terminally ill loved one.

Recovery Group

Recovery groups provide a place for support and encouragement for anyone struggling with an issue causing significant disruption in their life. Individuals who participate may struggle with a wide variety of issues including depression, anxiety, unemployment, difficulties in relationships, stalled personal growth, chronic pain / illness, divorce, or addiction of any kind including drugs, alcohol, food, sex/pornography, etc.

Recovery Groups will offer a safe and confidential place for anyone in need of support on their journey to health and wholeness spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Members will have opportunities to participate each week through sharing, topical discussion, responding to testimonies or readings, and prayer. These groups are separated by gender to help provide a safe place to openly share and heal.


A Pathways Group for men and women will meet starting in January of 2015. Prospective group members must first attend either a Topical or Open Group. Pathways is a combination of therapeutic experiences, community, and the spiritual tool of sanctification found in the 12 Steps. Pathways is open to those struggling with any issue and anyone ready to go deeper in finding freedom from past hurts, destructive habits, or dissatisfaction with their present life. Experience a deeper understanding of God, a better sense of self-awareness, release from destructive beliefs and freedom found in the truth of Scripture and intimate community.

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